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Private Cloud: Update

Upon the release of a new version of Private Cloud, execute the installation script in the update mode to get an upgrade of service components and gain access to all new features.

For information on new functionality introduced in each version of Cloud, check the release notes.

To update your Private Cloud instance

  1. Open the web browser.
  2. Go to <your instance address>/build.txt.
  3. Check the version listed at the end of the text file, for example:
    Wed Nov 7 12:15:44 2020 +0000 - nnnnnnnnn ; build nnnnnnnn-nnnnnn v2.2.8
  4. After that, depending on the version, do the following:
    • If the version is 2.1.3 or older, contact our support team at and provide the information listed in build.txt.
    • If the version is 2.2.0 or newer, proceed with the procedure.
      In case you have deleted the installation script and utility tools, contact our support team.
  5. Create a backup of your instance.
  6. Download the newest installation script of a Private Cloud edition you are interested in by executing the following command in the Linux terminal on the machine that serves the controller component:
    sudo wget, or
    sudo wget, or
    Request a shipment of Private Cloud Enterprise from our support team
  7. Run the freshly downloaded installation script under superuser, in the update mode:
    sudo ./ update
    By default, the script executes in the interactive mode that requests manual input to specify various options required for a proper update.
    You can choose to switch the HTTPS support on or off, or change the address of the License Server: to do that, specify the needed values for the --use_https and --license_server options of the installer.

After that, your instance should be updated to the newest version.

In case of problems with the update, contact our support team and provide them with the logs of the installation script and controller component, obtained with the following commands:
sudo docker ps
sudo docker logs controller --tail 100
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