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Road Traffic Library

The Road Traffic Library allows you to model, simulate, and visualize vehicle traffic. The library supports detailed yet highly efficient physical level modeling of vehicle movement. It is suitable for modeling highway traffic, street traffic, on-site transportation at manufacturing sites, parking lots, or any other systems with vehicles, roads, and lanes.

The Road Traffic Library integrates well with AnyLogic Process Modeling Library, Pedestrian Library, and Rail Library, which means you can combine vehicle traffic models with models of trucks, cranes, ships, trains, passenger flows, manufacturing or business processes, and so on.

This library includes:

  • Visual space markup shapes (road, intersection, bus stop, parking lot, stop line) to draw road networks
  • Driver behavior: speed control, choosing less busy lane, giving way when lanes merge, avoiding and detecting collisions on crossroads.
  • Support of user-defined car types with custom animation and attributes

Reverse movement of cars and lanes where cars can move in both directions are not supported currently.

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