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3D animation

AnyLogic enables users to create 3D animations for their models. 3D animation is the most realistic and natural way of visualizing the simulated process.

Just add a scene for 3D animation (3D window) on the graphical diagram of your top-level (Main) agent.

AnyLogic enables users to construct 3D animations from the set of standard geometric shapes: rectangle, line, oval, polyline, image, text, group. All these shapes now support the third dimension — Z-height and appear in 2D and 3D presentation scenes, thereby, you get two representations of the process at once.

Standard shapes are usually used to draw simple objects (e.g. roads, walls, boxes, etc.). More complicated objects (people, forklift trucks, airplanes, etc.) are usually not drawn in AnyLogic, but rather imported from the outside using the special 3D object element. AnyLogic supports import of 3D models that are stored in Collada (DAE) files.

You can implement a kind of a workbench with controls, charts, 2D and 3D animations side by side, thus eliminating the necessity to switch between several windows at the model runtime in contrast to the majority of other simulation tools.

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