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Material Handling Library blocks

The Material Handling Library contains the following blocks:

Icon Block Description
Convey Transports the incoming agents (material items) by conveyor(s) to the specified destination point. The one and only block that controls material items movement within a conveyor network. A route can be specified explicitly as a sequence of conveyors or calculated automatically. If the route is calculated automatically, users can set the block to include or avoid some specific conveyors in the route. To enable the material item to make decisions about the route while it is moving, a continuous movement can be modeled by a sequence of Convey blocks, possibly with SelectOutput blocks in between.
ConveyorEnter Places the incoming agents (material items) in a conveyor network but does not start the items transportation by a conveyor (while the item becomes accessible from the conveyor network and starts to interact with other material items). To start the transportation, use the Convey block of the Material Handling Library.
ConveyorExit Removes the incoming material items from a conveyor network and sends them further via the output port as regular agents.
MoveByCrane Performs transportation of an agent (material item) by a crane.
SeizeCrane Seizes a crane and sends it to the specified location.
ReleaseCrane Releases the crane previously seized by SeizeCrane block or MoveByCrane block. The operation takes zero time.
All seized cranes must be released before the agent is disposed by Sink block.
TransporterFleet Defines a fleet of transporters used in material handling process. An example of a transporter is an AGV (automated guided vehicle). Transporters can be seized and released by agents (material items) using SeizeTransporter and ReleaseTransporter flowchart blocks.
MoveByTransporter Performs transportation of an agent by a transporter. The block provides a complete set of parameters for seizing a transporter, loading it with the required agent, sending it to the specified location, unloading the agent there, and finally releasing the transporter.
SeizeTransporter Seizes one transporter from the specified TransporterFleet. Sends the seized transporter to the specified location.
ReleaseTransporter Releases the transporter previously seized by SeizeTransporter block. The operation takes zero time.
All seized transporters must be released before the agent is disposed by Sink block.
TransporterControl Defines the rules of navigation in the network and the routing algorithm for transporters.
Store Places an agent (material item) into a specified Storage or a Storage System.
Retrieve Picks an agent (material item) from a Storage or a Storage System and delivers it to the specified location.
StorageSystem Models a storage zone made of multiple Storage space markup shapes, providing centralized access and managing.
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