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Creating and editing models

Cloud subscribers have early access to the AnyLogic 9. With its web-based interface, you can create and edit AnyLogic models and then run them immediately in Cloud.

To learn more about the capabilities of AnyLogic 9, see the following website: AnyLogic 9 documentation.

Creating a new model

To begin creating a new model in AnyLogic 9:

  1. Click the add New model tile on the My models screen.

    AnyLogic Cloud: The Create model buttons

  2. In the subsequent dialog, enter a name for your new model.

    AnyLogic Cloud: The Create New Model dialog

  3. Click Create.
  4. Continue to develop your model in the AnyLogic 9 editor. Your changes are automatically saved in Cloud.

Editing a model

Models created with AnyLogic 9 are available for editing by default. In AnyLogic 9 technology preview, you cannot edit the models uploaded from AnyLogic 8.

Normally, you cannot edit versions that you did not create, but you can create a copy of someone else’s model version and modify the copy.

Create a copy of the version before modifying it to make sure you won’t accidentally delete anything useful.

To open the existing AnyLogic Cloud model in the editor, do any of the following:

  • Click  Open on the General tab of the model screen to open the latest version in AnyLogic 9.
  • Click  Open near a model version on the experiment sidebar to open this version in AnyLogic 9.
  • On the version screen, click  Open next to the needed version.

    AnyLogic Cloud: The Edit model buttons

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