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Agent’s icon

Each agent type may have specific icon associated with it. Each time you create a population of agents, this icon is displayed on the diagram. Icon is drawn in the graphical editor of the corresponding agent type using the same shapes (ovals, rectangles, lines, etc.) you use to draw agent’s presentation. Therefore, you should explicitly specify shapes that are components of the agent’s icon. The elements making up an icon do not belong to any level.

To add a shape to an icon

  1. Select the shape in the graphical editor by clicking.
  2. In the Properties, select the Icon checkbox.

Icon also contains agent’s interface elements (ports and public system dynamics variables). Thus you are enabled to connect these elements to interface elements of another agent populations.

The icon size is set automatically to fit all icon shapes. You can see that all icon elements are outlined with a rectangle named Icon. It defines the border of the icon area.

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