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Launching a model in debug mode

Launching a model in debug mode allows you to suspend and resume the program, inspect variables, and evaluate expressions using the debugger.

To launch a model in debug mode

  1. In the Projects view, right-click (macOS: Ctrl + click) the experiment, which you want to launch, and choose Debug from the popup menu, or
    Click the arrow to the right of the Debug  toolbar button, or choose Model >  Debug from the main menu,
    and choose the experiment you want to launch from the drop-down list.
  2. Your model is now launched in debug mode and the launched process appears in the Debug view.
  3. The model will run until the breakpoint is reached. When the breakpoint is hit, execution is suspended, and AnyLogic IDE window (with the Debug perspective opened) is made active.
  4. You can end a debugging session by allowing the model to run to completion or by terminating it.
    • You can continue to step over the code with the Step buttons until the model completes.
    • You can click the Resume Resume button to allow the model to run until the next breakpoint is encountered or until the model is completed.
    • You can click the Terminate  button in the toolbar of the Console view to terminate the model.
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