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Private Cloud: Uninstall

This guide applies to Private Cloud versions 2.4.1 and 2.4.0. If you have the older version, contact our support team at for an upgrade.
To check your Cloud version, go to <https://your Private Cloud instance address>/build.txt in your preferred web browser. To check the version of the installation script, see <the folder containing the installation script>/templates/preload_frontend_build.json.
For version differences, see the release notes.

Should you decide to move your Private Cloud to another server, you may need to remove the instance from the machine that runs it currently. To do that, execute the installation script in uninstallation mode.

To remove the Private Cloud instance from the machine

  1. Open the web browser.
  2. Go to <your instance address>/build.txt.
  3. Check the version listed at the end of the text file, for example:
    Wed Nov 7 12:15:44 2023 +0000 - nnnnnnnnn ; build nnnnnnnn-nnnnnn v2.3.3
  4. Locate the installation script and execute the following command in the Linux terminal on the machine that serves the controller component:
    sudo ./ uninstall

After that, your instance should be removed from the machine. All running Docker containers will be stopped, deleted, with their images also deleted. The script also removes the Private Cloud administrator (alcadm by default) from the system.

In case of problems with the uninstall, contact our support team and provide them with the log of the installation script, obtained with the following command:
sudo docker ps
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