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Chart legend

All charts can display legend. AnyLogic provides full control over legend appearance, namely you can change the legend position relative to the chart, adjust the size of the area allotted for the legend and choose any color you like as the legend text color.

To alter the chart legend appearance

  1. Select the chart in the graphical editor or in the  Projects view.
  2. Open the Legend section of the chart’s Properties.
  3. Select the Show legend checkbox.
  4. Using the Position group of buttons, specify the allocation of the legend relative to the chart.
  5. Define the legend area size using the control below (Height in case you allocate legend from above or below the chart, or Width in case you allocate it to the left or to the right).
  6. Optionally, you can change the legend text color. Click the arrow in the Text color control and choose the color. If you choose No Fill, the legend text will be not painted.
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