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Accepts the incoming flow and disposes it (removes from the system).

It is a typical end block of a Fluid Library flowchart. Accepts flow at any rate.

You can connect no more than one block to the input port of the FluidDispose (unlike PedSinkPedSink, etc.)



Show batches in flowchart
If set, the block icon will display the batch color.
Syntax: boolean showBatchesInFlowchart


On new batch
Action executed when a new batch appears at the input. It will not necessarily start flowing into the block.
Local variable: Object batch — the batch
On rate change
Action executed when the flow rate changes.
Changing something in the action may result in another immediate rate change and immediately following another call of On rate change, so the user can possibly create a livelock.
Local variable: double inrate — the current input rate


Fluid amount
Function Description
double amountPassed() Returns the total amount passed through the block since the start of the simulation.
double amountPassed(AmountUnits units) Returns the total amount of fluid (in given units) passed through the input port of the block since the start of the simulation.
Flow rate
Function Description
double currentRate() Returns the current flow rate of fluid that goes in.
double currentRate(FlowRateUnits units) Returns the current flow rate (in given units) of fluid at the block input.
Resetting statistics
Function Description
void resetStats() Resets statistics collected for this block, including the statistics collected for its ports.


The input port.
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