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Opening a model

To open an existing model

  1. Click the Open  button on the toolbar.
  2. Alternatively, you can choose File > Open… from the main menu, or press Ctrl + O (macOS: Cmd + O).
  3. The Open dialog box appears.
  4. Browse to the model file you want to open.
  5. Double-click the file, or click it and click the Open button.

AnyLogic can open multiple models at once. When you open a new model, it is added to the current workspace. At startup, AnyLogic opens all models present in the workspace.

AnyLogic provides easy access to recently opened models.

To open a recently opened model

  1. Select File > Recently Opened Models from the main menu
  2. This opens the submenu with the list of recently opened models. Select the model you want to open from the list.

To open an example model

  1. Select Help > Example Models from the main menu.
  2. You will see the welcome page with the Example Models tab open. Select the example you want by clicking its name in the list on the right.

To open a model saved in a previous version of AnyLogic

If the model was saved in a previous version of AnyLogic 8:

  1. Open the model as described above. No further action is required.

If the model was saved in AnyLogic 7:

  1. Open the model with any version of AnyLogic 8 prior to 8.8.2 (8–8.8.1).
    If you don’t have this version of the product, contact our support team at
  2. Save the model by clicking the Save Save button on the toolbar.
  3. Open the model using the current version of AnyLogic.
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