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Model window

The model window is automatically displayed in a standalone window when the model starts running. When you start your model, the presentation for the current experiment is shown. At that moment model is not created and only experiment is created. However, you may initialize model parameters already, e.g. by adding controls associated with parameters onto the experiment’s presentation.

By default, the model window opens in the Chromium browser. You can select a different browser in the Preferences dialog.

When you run the model using the Run  button in the control panel of the model window, the model is created and started.

The model window displays the presentation defined in the graphical editor for an agent or a simulation experiment. Model window shows all visible model elements that got inside the model frame in the graphical editor.

Model window

At the bottom of the model window you can see the control panel containing a set of model execution controls and displaying information about the current state of the model.

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