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AnyLogic Professional and AnyLogic University Researcher editions support two development perspectives: Model and Debug.

A perspective defines the set and layout of views in the AnyLogic workspace. A perspective provides a set of functionality aimed at accomplishing a specific type of task. One perspective is displayed at a time.

Model perspective

By default, the Model perspective is displayed. This perspective consists of views such as Projects, Palette, Properties, Problems, etc. used for constructing a model as well as editors for working with agents and Java classes.

The Model perspective

Debug perspective

The Debug perspective is purposed for debugging your models and includes the specific views: Debug, Breakpoints, Variables, Expressions.

The Debug perspective shown for the model being debugged (breakpoint occurred)

So far, only the Model perspective is used in AnyLogic Help and tutorials. The Debug perspective is covered only in sections describing debugging AnyLogic models.

This section will explore how to open and work with perspectives.

To reset a perspective

  1. Click Tools | Reset Perspective in the top menu. This option returns all standard views: Palette view grouped with Projects on the left side, Properties view on the right side, Editor Area in the middle with their default sizes.
  2. Confirm that you want to reset the perspective to its defaults.
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