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pulseTrain(double startTime, double pulseWidth, double timeBetweenPulses, double endTime) function returns 1, starting at startTime, and lasting for interval pulseWidth and then repeats this pattern every timeBetweenPulses time until endTime; 0 is returned at all other times.

If the value of timeBetweenPulses is smaller than pulseWidth then 1 will be returned between startTime and endTime.

The plot below illustrates how the function works:


Name Type Description
startTime double The first pulse start time.
pulseWidth double The length of pulse time interval.
timeBetweenPulses double The length of time interval between starts pulses.
endTime double The end time of pulses, since this time the function returns 0.


Type Description
double 1 for pulses, 0 otherwise.


startTime — time

pulseWidth — time

timeBetweenPulses — time

endTime — time

pulse() — dimensionless

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