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Hump yard model

Complexity: grade grade grade grade grade

Modeling approach: discrete-event

Features: Rail Library 3D train initialization railcar coupling railcar classification custom railcar type


We will use AnyLogic Rail Library in this tutorial to build a model of a hump yard. A hump yard is a classification yard where cars are taken to a hump from where they are driven to classification tracks by the force of gravity.

Arriving trains contain cars of 5 different types that are sent to 5 departure tracks. Once 8 cars of the same type accumulate on a departure track they are driven away as a newly formed train.

AnyLogic Rail Library

  • Rail Library allows you to efficiently model, simulate, and visualize operation of rail yards and rail transportation of any complexity and scale. Classification yards, rail yards of large plants, railway stations, rail car repair facilities, subways, airport shuttle trains, rail in container terminals, trams can be easily yet accurately modeled with this library.
  • Rail Library is well integrated with Process Modeling Library and Pedestrian Library, which means you can combine rail models with models of trucks, cranes, ships, passenger flows, manufacturing or business processes, and so on.
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