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Subscription management

You manage access to subscriptions on a special screen which becomes available to you after you purchase the subscription.

To open the My subscriptions screen

  1. Open AnyLogic Cloud and log in.
  2. Go to account_circle the user menu > grade Admin panel.

The My subscriptions screen opens.

AnyLogic Cloud: My subscriptions

This screen allows you to distribute access to your subscription license among your team members. It also provides some useful information: such as the number of available, used, and remaining subscription access tokens, as well as the subscription expiration date.

To add a user

  1. Open the My subscriptions screen.
  2. In the Email field, enter the email of the existing Cloud user who you want to add to the subscription.
  3. Click Add member.

The next time they log in, the specified user will have access to your subscription.

You can only specify 1 user in the Email field at a time. To add more users, repeat the process.

To revoke a user’s access

  1. Open the My subscription screen.
  2. Click the close icon next to the user you want to remove from your subscription.
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