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Developer panel

The developer panel provides access to the additional model controls, simulation data, console with experiment's output, and events queue. Use it to navigate through the running model, set its end time or date, analyze the data written into the console, and check the events queue of AnyLogic simulation engine.

You can enable / disable the developer panel and specify whether it should be immediately displayed in the model window when you run the experiment. These settings are available either in the Window section of the experiment properties or can be specified at the model runtime programmatically. The functions you can use are described in the Developer panel section in Accessing the presentation).

Developer panel contains the following sections:
  1. Model time indicators
  2. Execution controls
  3. Model navigation
  4. Agent navigation
  5. Console
  6. Events panel
  7. Status bar

To open developer panel

  1. Run the model. In the model window, click the rightmost control Developer panel .

If the console of the developer panel contains new output, the Developer panel control will be highlighted in blue: .

Model time indicators

Execution controls

Model navigation

Defines agent or experiment, whose presentation should be displayed in the window.

Agent navigation


The Console section of the developer panel shows the output of the execution of your model. The common way to write output to the console is to use AnyLogic functions traceln() and trace().

The console toolbar is used to manage the console content:

Events panel

Events panel displays the event queue of AnyLogic simulation engine for the launched model. The user often works with the events panel using the Step command. The panel consists of two tabs:

Events panel. Event queue. Events panel. Monitored conditions.

For more information on working with Events panel, refer to the Events panel section.

Status bar

The status bar displays the low-level information about the model execution:

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