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AnyLogic Cloud: Release notes

Cloud 2.4.1 — Apr 2024

  • Cloud now supports Java 17.
  • Animation improvements:
    • Cloud now better handles searching within the JAR files, which can be useful if your custom library JAR contains 3D shapes you want to use in the model.
    • The new animations.json configuration file has been introduced for Private Cloud instances.
  • Private Cloud improvements:
    • The Private Cloud installations now include the diagnostics utility.
    • Private Cloud now supports Ubuntu 22.04 and the ED25519 SSH encryption key format.
    • Fixed an issue where the backup script saved redundant Cassandra-generated data.
    • Fixed a rare issue where Linux settings would prohibit reading Cloud configuration files, rendering the administrator panel web UI unusable.
  • In scatter plots, you can now choose to display multiple outputs for a single input.
  • The subscription management screen has been slightly redesigned.
  • Minor interface improvements have been introduced.

Cloud 2.4.0 — Nov 2023

  • New experiment types are introduced: Optimization and Optimization with replications.
  • Several chart improvements:
    • New scatter plot options: line or dotted line display.
    • Box plot now labels the X and Y axes with the names of its input and output elements.
  • Private Cloud improvements:
  • Minor improvements:
    • The version name in the breadcrumbs now opens the Version tab of the model if a user has permissions to access it.
    • The animation displayed on the General tab of the model or embedded on the third-party website now uses the default input values.
  • Public Cloud users who do not have a subscription are now subject to a 5-minute time limit on the duration of multi-run experiments.

Cloud 2.3.3 — Oct 2023

  • Several improvements have been made to charts:
    • The density and mean and error plots now allow time to be used as the X-axis value.
    • The mean and error plot is now also available for the Variation with replication experiment.
    • The mean is now displayed on the box plot.
    • You can now use a varying input to create a scatter plot.
    • When setting the time axis format, you can now select specific time units to display.
    • Renamed multiple plots for consistency.
  • General improvement of UI text in AnyLogic Cloud for better consistency and readability.
  • Private Cloud users can now set a custom title for the instance page in the administrator panel.
  • The problem that caused the backup script to save too many snapshots has been resolved.
  • The signup, login, and user customization forms can now display the password as it is being entered.
  • Several security updates have been implemented.

Cloud 2.3.2 — Apr 2023

  • Model comments now support hyperlinks.
  • A new Date and Time value picker is now available in experiment dashboards.
  • Exported run results in Excel files now contain links to output files.
  • In the sidebar, there is now the Duplicate experiment button.
  • The Time axis format widget for time charts has been reworked.
  • Minor Private Cloud installation script improvements.
  • The documentation on the Custom UI feature is added.
  • Various UI improvements have been introduced.
  • New Private Cloud configuration files and feature toggles are added.
  • The TLS 1.3 protocol is now enabled by default.
  • Fixed a bug occurring when a model is uploaded to the Private Cloud instance with guest access disabled.
  • API clients have been updated.
  • Internal services of AnyLogic Cloud are reworked in preparation for future features.

Cloud 2.3.1 — Oct 2022

  • Private Cloud instances now support configurable password policies.
  • Social network sharing buttons are now available on the model screen.
  • Model descriptions now support hyperlinks.
  • Some UI changes have been introduced to the administrator panel of Private Cloud.
  • Cloud search engine now allows for more complex search queries.
  • Cloud API clients now support using files as inputs and outputs.
  • Several Private Cloud configuration files have been reworked.

Cloud 2.3.0 — Apr 2022

  • Cloud now uses Java 11.
  • Cloud web UI now uses Angular 13.
  • Several third-party libraries were updated to fix performance and vulnerability issues.
  • Multiple aspects of the UI are improved.

Cloud 2.2.9 — Dec 2021

  • Private Cloud instances can now be integrated with LDAP and Active Directory servers for user authentication.
  • Built-in Chinese and Russian localizations.
  • Multiple aspects of the UI are improved.
  • The documentation now includes guides on update and uninstallation of Private Cloud instances.

Cloud 2.2.8 — Nov 2021

  • Guest access can now be disabled for Private Cloud instances.
  • AnyLogic Cloud experiments can now produce files as output.
  • The JavaScript API client can now be used to create Monte Carlo 1st order experiments.
  • Multiple aspects of the UI are improved.

Cloud 2.2.7 — Sep 2021

Cloud 2.2.4 — May 2021

  • The performance of the model images in the model galleries is improved.
  • The GDPR-compliant privacy policies are introduced.
  • AnyLogic Engine used for Cloud instances is updated.

Cloud 2.2.3 — Mar 2021

  • Performance of the model galleries — the Public models and My models pages — is improved.
  • Various improvements for the installation script are introduced.

Cloud 2.2.2 — Dec 2020

  • Model execution performance was improved.
  • Various improvements for the installation script are introduced.

Cloud 2.2.1 — Nov 2020

Cloud 2.2.0 — Nov 2020

  • The administrator panel is added for Private Cloud administrators, enabling a number of features:
    • User management
    • Service component management
    • UI customization
  • The administrator account is now created with default credentials.
  • Data of all experiments of a specific model version can now be downloaded in JSON format.
  • Various improvements for the installation script are introduced.
  • The documentation of Java API is now available.

Cloud 2.1.3 — Oct 2020

Cloud 2.1.2 — Jun 2020

Cloud 2.1.1 — Mar 2020

  • A simple installation script is introduced, allowing for easy deployment of Private Cloud instances.

Cloud 2.1.0 — Jan 2020

  • Versioning of Private Cloud is improved, enabling the simple upgrade of instances.
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