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Team License Server

Team License Server is a server application with a web UI designed for managing team licenses of all AnyLogic products used by one company or a business unit. In addition, it also allows for keeping track of maintenance licenses, the number of product installations running concurrently, and so on.

With the team license (also called the floating license), multiple users share their access to all capabilities of AnyLogic products. It can be useful for big companies with distributed teams of employees working with them.

Team License Server 3 keeps track of licenses it manages in semi-automatic mode.

With Team License Server available in the network of your company, you can command your desktop product installation to connect to the server and lease a key. If there is a free seat available in the team license, Team License Server issues a key. After that, all capabilities of your product edition will become available to you regardless of the network connection.

Team License Server: The connection scheme

Licenses issued this way have a configurable expiration period. You can also manually free up the seat using the means provided by your product installation.

Team License Server manages floating licenses belonging to a single company. However, individual users can still use their shipments of the product, activated separately.

Product and support service licenses

Team License Server allows for registering newly purchased product licenses and modifying them by extending maintenance, upgrading the license, and adding user seats.

With active maintenance, you have full access to:

  • Upgrades and updates — enables you to download and install all product versions released during the period of your license.
  • Technical support — you can ask AnyLogic support team any questions regarding your products and your models.

With Team License Server, you can easily track team licenses for all your AnyLogic products, plan your work while taking into account the time of the license expiration, and prolong them whenever the need arises.

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