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String expressions

Strings in Java can be concatenated by using the + operator. For example:

"Any" + "Logic" results in "AnyLogic"

Moreover, this way you can compose strings from objects of different types. The non-string objects will be converted to strings and then all strings will be concatenated into one. This is widely used in AnyLogic models to display the textual information on variable values. For example, in the dynamic property field Text of the Text object you can write:

"x = " +x

And then at runtime the text object will display the current value of x in the textual form, e.g.:

x = 14.387

You can use an empty string in such expressions as well: "" + x will simply convert x to string. Another example: the following string expression:

"Number of destinations: "+ destinations.size() + "; the first one is " + destinations.get(0)

results in a string like this:

Number of destinations: 18; the first one is London
Use the function equals() and not the == operator to compare strings!
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