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Job Shop model

This tutorial will show you how to create discrete event models using AnyLogic Process Modeling Library and Material Handling Library. Our goal is to create a discrete-event model that will simulate a small job shop’s manufacturing and shipping processes. The raw materials that are delivered to the receiving dock are placed into storage until processing takes place at the CNC machine.

Complexity: grade grade grade grade grade

Modeling approach: discrete-event

Features: Process Modeling Library 3D resource storage custom agent type dynamic 3D animation

The tutorial is taken from the book “AnyLogic in Three Days” by Ilya Grigoryev.

Short summary of the tutorial

  • Phase 1. Creating a simple model to simulate the pallets’ arrival at the job shop and their storage at the shipping dock.
  • Phase 2. Expanding the model by adding forklift trucks to store the pallets in the storage and then move them to the production area.
  • Phase 3. Adding 3D animation.
  • Phase 4.Adding trucks that deliver pallets to the job shop.
  • Phase 5. Modeling CNC machines where the raw materials are processed.

Let’s start!

Start the tutorial by following the link below to the document describing structure of the first phase.

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