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Model versions

A model version in AnyLogic Cloud represents a specific state of the model, with its own unique set of experiments.

When working with the model in AnyLogic Cloud, you can view the existing versions and switch between the model version’s experiments using the model sidebar:

The Versions tab of the model screen lists all existing versions of a specific model.

A model version uploaded from the AnyLogic 8 desktop installation can be used to create a set of models based on a single model. The models in this set will include different sets of inputs and outputs.

Cloud subscribers have early access to AnyLogic 9. With its capabilities, it is possible to create new model versions directly in the browser, modifying the model’s logic and layout in any way needed.

To upload a new model version from AnyLogic desktop

  1. Select an existing model in the Model drop-down list of the Export model to AnyLogic Cloud wizard:

To rename a model version

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the version name.
  2. Click in the field, or
    Click the edit icon that appears on the right.
  3. Type in a new name for the version.
  4. Once ready, click anywhere outside of the version name field.

To download a model version

  1. Click the Download button next to the required model version in the Sources column.

To manage your versions, use action buttons in the rightmost column of the table:

content_copy Duplicate Create a copy of the version.
A new copy will be named Copy of <version name>. You can then rename it.
 Open Edit the model version in AnyLogic 9.
delete Delete Delete the model version.
You cannot delete the only remaining version of the model.
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