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A connector is a line connecting two ports or two variables.

Connecting two ports means that messages will be passed between them.

Connecting variables means that they will have the same value at any moment of time (changes of one variable will be immediately propagated to another variable declared as external one).


Name — The name of the connector. The name is used to identify the connector.

Show name — If selected, the connector name is displayed on a presentation diagram.

Ignore — If selected, the connector is excluded from the model.

Visible — If selected, the connector is visible on the presentation at runtime.

Changing connector’s appearance

You can edit connector’s appearance by editing its salient points.

To add a salient point

  1. Double-click on the connector, where you want to place new salient point.

To remove a salient point

  1. Double-click on the connector’s point you want to remove.

To move connector’s point

  1. Drag the connector’s point with the left mouse button pressed.
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