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AnyLogic Private Cloud

Data security is paramount when working online, with many companies and industries subject to strict operating guidelines. To meet these needs, when leveraging cloud-based simulation, while retaining the scalability and efficiency of cloud computing, we developed AnyLogic Private Cloud.

Its infrastructure can be hosted on-site, at your data center, and integrated into your company’s workflows so that you can store, run, and share your AnyLogic models safely. The dedicated environment of Private Cloud gives you complete control over your data and its processing.

  • Private. Keep and manage your sensitive data and operations privately in Cloud.
  • Regulatory compliant. Meet the corporate and government compliance standards related to cloud services.
  • Resource-efficient. Easily scale resources on-demand to minimize disruption from changing work levels.
  • Self-reliant. Keep the whole system in-house and avoid third-party dependencies.
  • Customizable. Design your dashboards directly in AnyLogic Cloud GUI and add some color to your Cloud by customizing it to reflect your company’s chosen brand design.
  • Integration-ready. Integrate models into your analytical workflows by using open Cloud API for data synchronization.
  • Works with multiple authentication providers. Private Cloud supports authentication via LDAP and Active Directory servers.

Private Cloud Enterprise

Private Cloud Enterprise is the most complete edition of Private Cloud. You can install it on multiple servers — nodes — for higher performance and therefore execute an unlimited number of parallel simulation runs.

Private Cloud Lite and Pro

Private Cloud Lite and Pro are full-fledged and light-weight versions of AnyLogic Private Cloud that provide an easy way to develop simulation models in teams.

Lite and Pro offer all advantages of Private Cloud, shipped as a single easy-to-deploy package. You can deploy Private Cloud, tailor it to your needs quickly, and go straight to collaborating on model development.

The Lite and Pro versions can run on a single server only. You won’t be able to distribute the calculation power between multiple nodes to increase the instance’s performance.

Additionally, there is a restriction on the number of utilized processor cores running concurrently:

  • For Private Cloud Lite: The limit is 16 processor cores.
  • For Private Cloud Pro: The limit is 64 processor cores.

Private Cloud Pro supports LDAP and Active Directory authentication.

To learn more about system requirements of different versions of Private Cloud, see Private Cloud: System requirements.

Acquire Private Cloud

If you are interested in trying out and purchasing AnyLogic Private Cloud, visit the AnyLogic website.

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