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Comparison table of the routing options

The routes in AnyLogic GIS Map shape can be requested from one of the two routing servers: YOURS or BRouter. They can also be constructed as a routing graph with the help of the GraphHopper OSM library.

This comparison matrix below shows the key differences in functionality between the three supported routing technologies.

Functionality YOURS BRouter GraphHopper
Coverage Global Global Global
Modes of transportation
Car (fastest) Yes Experimental Yes
Car (shortest) Yes Experimental No
Bicycle (shortest) Yes Yes No
Bicycle (fastest) Yes Yes Yes
Pedestrian Yes Shortest Yes
Advanced routing options
Turn restrictions Partial No No
Vehicle details (height, …) No No No
Via-points Yes Yes No
Manual speeds No No No
Avoid areas No Yes No
Avoid borders No No No
Avoid bridges or tunnels No Configurable No
Avoid street types No Configurable No
Accounts for hills No Yes Yes
Accounts for steps Yes No
Real-time traffic No No No
Routing over ferry routes Yes Yes Yes
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