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Using resources

The following blocks of Process Modeling Library:

offer a variety of ways to define the type and number of resources to be seized.

  • If the you require resource(s) of one single type (say, two workers), choose the units of the same pool option in the Seize resources parameter. Then choose the required ResourcePool block from the Resource pool parameter drop-down list (or just select the block in the graphical editor). And finally, specify how many resources are required to complete the operation in the Number of units field below.

  • You may seize any number of different resources, e.g. one robot and two controllers. Just choose Seize resources: (alternative) resource sets, then choose the resources in the list below and finally specify the number of resource units in the right part of the list:

  • Moreover, you can set several alternative resource sets for the operation. Then, when the required agents enter the block, the first resource set is checked for availability. If resources of some type from the first set are busy, the second given set is checked for availability, and so on. The first ready resource set is chosen to perform the operation.

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