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Importing 3D objects into a model

AnyLogic offers a set of 3D objects for frequently modeled objects: person, nurse, doctor, truck, lorry, different rail cars, CNC machines, etc., which are available in the 3D Objects palette. If the required object is not present, you can import it in the form of Collada (DAE) file using AnyLogic 3D Object.

You can follow the provided below scenario to import a custom 3D object into the model.

Since this scenario involves usage of third-party software, we cannot guarantee that importing a 3D object will be successful.

1. Download a 3D model file in KMZ format

You can search for a 3D model file online. We will show you how to import 3D models from 3D Warehouse, one of the most popular storages. This website features an easy-to-navigate interface allowing users to download 3D models uploaded by the user community.

  • Search for a 3D model file on the 3D Warehouse website and download it in the Google Earth KMZ format.

We will now bring KMZ file to Collada file format, which is a common interchange format.

2. Extract the Collada format files

  • Change the file extension of the downloaded file from KMZ to ZIP and extract its contents into a folder.
  • Make sure that the Collada model file (the file with the DAE extension) is present inside the folder.
  • If there are any textures supplied with the model (commonly located in the images or textures images or textures sub-folders), move them from the sub-folder to the parent folder. For example, if the texture files are located in the C:\MyModel\textures folder, move them to the C:\MyModel folder.

The produced file can now be added to AnyLogic model as 3D object.

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