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Undo and redo

You can undo previously performed actions.

To undo the previous action

  1. Click the Undo toolbar button, or choose Edit > Undo from the main menu, or press Ctrl + Z (Mac OS: Cmd + Z).

To redo the previously undone action

  1. Click the Redo toolbar button, or choose Edit > Redo from the main menu, or pressCtrl + Y (Mac OS: Cmd + Y).

If you want to cancel all unsaved changes at one stroke, use revert option. Reverting the model, you undo all changes made in the model since it had been saved for the last time.

To revert a model

  1. Right-click (Mac OS: Ctrl + click) the model in the Projects view, and choose Revert from the popup menu.
  2. The Revert dialog box will be displayed, warning that all unsaved changes in the selected model will be lost. Click Yes to complete revert.
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