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PML Settings

This optional detached block defines specific settings related to all Process Modeling Library blocks present on the same graphical diagram where you placed PMLSettings. You can add at most one PMLSettings block on the diagram.


Offset for attached units
Agent and its attached units are animated in a row. Here you define the offset between their animations (in pixels).
Syntax: double offsetForAttachedUnits
Default value: 10
Initial capacity of animation locations
Here you specify the initial capacity for paths and nodes with arranged locations layout. When agents are animated inside these shapes, the offset between agent animations will be calculated based on this setting.
Syntax: int animationLocationInitialCapacity
Default value: 100
Enable statistics by default
By default statistics are collected for all Process Modeling Library blocks (e.g. queue.statsSize). By clearing this option you can switch off the statistics collection for all the blocks in the model to optimize the model performance. However, you are able to override this setting in some particular blocks using their advanced parameter Force statistics collection.
Syntax: boolean enableStatsByDefault
Default value: true
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