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Demo models

Throughout this documentation, we often provide links to demo models that showcase certain features of the modeling environment, highlight certain functions and demonstrate various tips and tricks that you can use when developing your own models.

These models are hosted in AnyLogic Cloud — a web service that allows you to run models online from a web browser on any device, including phones and tablets, and share them with other users.

If you have AnyLogic installed and running on your PC, you often don’t need to download a specific model from AnyLogic Cloud. Most of them are already available in your product shipment.
Go to the Example models section of the welcome page by selecting Help >  Example Models from AnyLogic main menu and start typing the name of the model you are interested in into the search bar. Then click the link pointing to the model and it will open in the graphical editor.
This is the recommended way to work with certain demo models that require third-party libraries, such as Pypeline models.

A link to the Cloud model looks like this:

Demo model: Oil Supply Chain Open the model page in AnyLogic Cloud. There you can run the model or download it (by clicking Model source files).

Once in AnyLogic Cloud, you can run the model and download its source files.

To download the model source files from Cloud

  1. Open the model page in AnyLogic Cloud by clicking the Demo model button.
  2. You will see the model page in AnyLogic Cloud.
    Click Model source files to start downloading the archive containing the model.
    This button is only visible if the user who uploaded the model chose to include the model source files during the upload.

    AnyLogic Cloud: The model source files link

  3. Your browser will handle the download.
    When finished, unzip the archive to a convenient location.
  4. Open your desktop installation of AnyLogic.
  5. Click the Open AnyLogic: Open icon button on the toolbar.
  6. In the Open dialog box, browse to the ALP file of the model you want to open.
    Double-click this file or click it and then click Open.
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