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Schedule preview

You can preview a schedule in the convenient way that is commonly used in digital diaries, organizers, and office software tools. This may help you to check whether the schedule was defined correctly and the resulting picture is the one you have expected to see.

To preview the schedule

  1. Go to the Preview section of the schedule properties.

  2. You will see the calendar for several days shown in the tabular form. Columns of this table correspond to days. Schedule intervals are drawn as stripes of different colors. The intensity of the stripe color depends on the value defined for the corresponding time interval (white color means 0).
    Intervals may have any duration: hours displayed in the leftmost column does not define interval borders, they just act as “time axis grid”.
  3. The preview is shown starting from some particular date. You can navigate to any other date you like using the Go to date chooser control.


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