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Welcome page

The welcome page is the first page you see when you first launch AnyLogic. Its purpose is to introduce you to the product. Welcome content includes an overview of the product and its features, tutorials to guide you through some basic tasks, samples to get you started, etc.

To close the welcome page

  1. Click the close button x  in the tab of the editor.

To open the welcome page

  1. Choose Help > Welcome from the main menu.

By default Welcome page is shown every time you start AnyLogic. If it somehow disturbs you, you can disable showing the welcome page on startup.

To enable or disable showing the welcome page on startup

  1. Choose Tools > Preferences... from the main menu.
  2. You will see the AnyLogic preferences dialog box opened. On the General page of the dialog, select/clear the Show welcome page on startup check box.
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