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Legacy connectivity tools

Since version 7.2, each AnyLogic model now has a built-in fully integrated database to read input data and write simulation output. Export the database with the model, it is as portable and cross-platform as the model itself.

With the new database, you can:

  • Read parameter values and configure models
  • Create parameterized agent populations,
  • Generate entity arrivals in the process models,
  • Import data from other databases or Excel spreadsheets and store it in the readily available form,
  • Log flowchart activities, events, statechart transitions, message passing, and agent biographies,
  • View resource utilization, waiting, processing, and travel times,
  • Store and export statistics, datasets, and custom logs.

Legacy connectivity tools

Before the implementation of the built-in model database, these tools allowed for interacting with external data sources.

Legacy connectivity tools are designed to work with external third-party databases. They don’t provide capabilities to interact with the built-in model database.

To access a database, add a legacy Database element to your model and use it to establish a connection it with an actual database.

Also consider using other connectivity elements:

  • Excel File — to read from and write to Excel files
  • Text File —  to reading from and write to text files
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