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External database

Each AnyLogic model has a built-in fully integrated database to read input data and write simulation output. Using it, you can import data from MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Access or MS SQL Server databases and store it in the readily available form, log all model activities and statistics and export the database with the model.

However, the built-in database supports import from MS Excel, Access and MS SQL Server databases only. If you need to access databases of other types, or interact not with internal but with some external databases, you can use AnyLogic connectivity tools designed for interacting with external data sources.

To access an external database, add the  Database element from the Connectivity palette to your model and use it to establish a connection it with an actual database.

Connectivity tools

Once the database connection is established, you can interact with the connected database using the following elements available on the Connectivity palette.

These tools are available in AnyLogic Professional only. Users of other editions only have access to the database API.
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