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Interface IMarkupLibraryDescriptor

All Known Subinterfaces:
IAreaNodeDescriptor<T>, IDescriptor, IRackSystemDescriptor, IRailStopLineDescriptor<T>, IStopLineDescriptor<T>, IStorageDescriptor
All Known Implementing Classes:
AreaNode, ConveyorCustomStation, ConveyorPath, ConveyorSimpleStation, ConveyorTransferTable, ConveyorTurnStation, ConveyorTurntable, JibCrane, Lift, NetworkPortImpl, Node, OverheadCrane, Path, PointNode, PolygonalNode, PositionOnConveyor, PositionOnTrack, QueueArea, RectangularNode, StopLine

public interface IMarkupLibraryDescriptor
This interface should be implemented by library blocks which are designed to add some parameters and functionality to specific space markup elements
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