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All Implemented Interfaces:
AggregatableAnimationElement, HasLevel, INetworkMarkupElement, SVGElement,
Direct Known Subclasses:
ConveyorNode, ConveyorPath, ConveyorPathPart

public abstract class ConveyorMarkupElement<T extends Agent>
extends MarkupShape
implements INetworkMarkupElement
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Method Summary

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Level getLevel()
Returns level associated with this space markup element or null if this element has no level
ConveyorNetwork getNetwork()  
void setNetwork​(ConveyorNetwork network)
Sets the network for this element.
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Method Detail


public ConveyorNetwork getNetwork()
Specified by:
getNetwork in interface INetworkMarkupElement
network this markup element belongs to or null if this element isn't a part of a network


public Level getLevel()
Description copied from interface: HasLevel
Returns level associated with this space markup element or null if this element has no level
Specified by:
getLevel in interface HasLevel
Specified by:
getLevel in class MarkupShape
the level associated with this space markup element


public void setNetwork​(ConveyorNetwork network)
Sets the network for this element. The element should be uninitialized
network - new network